Vilnis Purviņš

Chief Economist of the Macroeconomic Analysis Division, Monetary Policy Department

In 1981, Vilnis Purviņš graduated from the University of Latvia, where he studied financing and crediting at the Faculty of Finance and Trade. He worked at the State Bank of the USSR until 1991.

Vilnis Purviņš started his career at Latvijas Banka in 1991 as a chief economist of the Monetary Policy Department and was later appointed Head and Deputy Head of the Macroeconomic Analysis Division.

Vilnis Purviņš has a broad range of responsibilities, inter alia participating in the introduction of the national currency, improving the banking and monetary statistics, organizing and varying the macroeconomic analysis as well as preparing the Bank of Latvia publications. At present, Vilnis Purviņš mainly focuses on the issues pertaining to the analysis of money supply and performance of the banking sector.


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