Daina Paula

economist, Latvijas Banka
Contrary to the weakening observed in the previous year, Latvia's economy is growing at quite a healthy rate now, which, on the one hand, is, indeed, a prerequisite for improving welfare.

Kristofers Pone

economist, Latvijas Banka

Linda Vecgaile

economist, Latvijas Banka
Exports of construction services to Sweden, the United Kingdom and Germany continue to grow; this year a considerable increase is reported in those to Lithuania.

Oļegs Krasnopjorovs

economist, Latvijas Banka
At the same time, labour demand has increased substantially: the share of the employed in the number of working age population has reached its historical high.

Daina Pelēce

economist, Latvijas Banka
Exports of goods remain on a solid growth path on account of higher activity in the global economy, increasing external demand and global prices.
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