Daina Paula

economist, Latvijas Banka
In 2017, Latvia's economic growth reached the highest rate of the last six years. This happened even despite the deceleration observed in the fourth quarter when only the exports of goods and services managed to retain positive quarterly growth.

Kristofers Pone

economist, Latvijas Banka
Following a rapid monthly price rise in March, changes in April were quite moderate at 0.2%. As to annual inflation, it remained broadly unchanged at 2.0% in comparison with the previous month as a result of the accelerated rise in services and energy prices observed in April 2017.

Linda Vecgaile

economist, Latvijas Banka
Exports of construction services to Sweden, the United Kingdom and Germany continue to grow; this year a considerable increase is reported in those to Lithuania.

Oļegs Krasnopjorovs

economist, Latvijas Banka
The unemployment rate shrank by impressive 1.2 percentage points over the year (to 8.2% of the economically active population).

Daina Pelēce

economist, Latvijas Banka
As a rule, January stands out as a month with a more sluggish foreign trade activity compared to other months; this year, however, the relatively stable growth in manufacturing seen in the preceding months supported positive annual growth in exports of goods.
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