Kārlis Vilerts

Head of the Research Division, Monetary Policy Department

Kārlis Vilerts holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Latvia. Before he was awarded a summa cum laude Master’s degree in Economics, with mathematic economics as his specialty, and a Professional Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management. He has continued his professional development attending seminars and courses in Austria, Germany, Spain and USA.

Vilerts has been with Latvijas Banka since 2015 when he began working at the Department of Macroeconomic Analysis as an Economist, later Advisor. His previous work experience was related to the corporate financial analysis. Since 2017 he supervises theses in the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

Kārlis is author of numerous publications. His topics of interest are monetary policy, fiscal policy and labour market outcomes. He has participated in various international scientific conferences and represents Latvijas Banka in European System of Central Banks working groups.


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