Daina Paula

Chief Economist of the Macroeconomic Analysis Division, Monetary Policy Department

Daina Paula holds a Bachelor's Degree (with honours) in Social Sciences (2001), a Master's Degree (with honours) in Economics (2003), and a PhD in Economics (2010) from the University of Latvia.

Following her short-term work experience at the University of Latvia, Daina Paula started her career at Latvijas Banka in 2001 as an expert in macroeconomic analysis. Her responsibilities included studying the economic development of Latvia's trading partners. Later she was promoted to the position of a senior economist focusing on the analysis of inflation and the real effective exchange rate calculations. Daina Paula is currently working as a chief economist, and her responsibilities include assessing Latvia's balance of payments and Latvia's competitiveness, preparing in-depth analytical materials about these and other macroeconomic issues to be used for negotiations with international rating agencies, the European Central Bank, European Commission, International Monetary Fund etc. Daina Paula participates in the preparation of educational materials regarding Latvia's current economical developments and presents them to pupils, students, teachers and other audiences.


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