Krista Kalnbērziņa

Chief Economist of the Financial Market Analysis Division, Monetary Policy Department

Krista Kalnbērziņa has Bachelor and Master's Degrees from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. She started her career at Latvijas Banka in 2006 as an economist of the Monetary Policy Department. Before her employment at Latvijas Banka, she worked at the Government Finance Section of the Macroeconomic Statistics Department of the Central Statistical Bureau of the Republic of Latvia.

Krista Kalnbērziņa's responsibilities at Latvijas Banka initially were related to conducting research of the financial situation of households and non-financial corporations. At present, the range of her responsibilities also includes analysing the price dynamics and assessing the impact of changes in prices on the economy, as well as making inflation forecasts. Krista Kalnbērziņa is a co-author of the working papers on the above issues and the author of several analytical publications of Latvijas Banka.


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