Olga Lielkalne

Chief Economist of the Monetary Policy Analysis Division, Monetary Policy Department

Olga Lielkalne holds a Bachelor's degree in Analytical Economics and a Master's degree with distinction in Mathematical Economics from the University of Latvia. Olga advanced her professional knowledge through various courses and seminars abroad and participated in the US professional exchange program "International Visitor Leadership Program".

Olga Lielkalne joined Latvijas Banka's team in 2012. Olga's responsibilities at Latvijas Banka were related to a wide range of financial stability issues, including the systemic risk assessment, cyclical risk analysis as well as the analysis of external macrofinancial environment and the Nordic region. Since 2024, Olga's resposibilities have been related to monetary policy and the analysis of the euro area macro-financial indicators.

Previously, she was a leading expert on the financial market and economic issues in Latvian commercial banks. From 2006 to 2009, she held seminars on statistics, econometrics, and financial economics for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Latvia, while in 2022-2023, she taught courses on "European Political Economy" to RGSL students.

Olga is a member of the Economists' Association.


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