Andrejs Zlobins

Senior Researcher of the Research Division, Monetary Policy Department

Andrejs Zlobins has obtained a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Latvia in 2015. He currently continues his doctoral studies and develops a promotional paper on effects of the Eurosystem's non-standard monetary policy instruments on the euro area economy.

Andrejs Zlobins started his career at the Monetary Policy Department of Latvijas Banka in 2016. Before that he worked at the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia where his professional duties comprised estimates and analysis of the value added of the financial sector for the purposes of the national accounts.

Currently, responsibilities of Andrejs Zlobins include the maintenance and development of Latvia's macroeconomic model, the potential output and output gap estimation as well as the conducting of research. His research interests comprise the study of the non-standard monetary policy transmission mechanism, the application of different vector autoregression models and the use of the Bayesian methods.


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