Velga Ozoliņa

Senior researcher at the Financial Stability Analysis Division, Financial Stability and Macroprudential Policy Department

In 2010, Velga obtained a scientific degree of Doctor of Economics (Dr. oec.) in management science at the Riga Technical University. In the field of econometrics and creation of macroeconomic models, knowledge has also been gained in courses and seminars abroad (Barcelona GSE, Barcelona; Cass Business School, City University, London; GWS (Germany), Florence University, Italy; International Monetray Fund, EdX platform).

Velga started working at Latvijas Banka in 2021 as a senior researcher at the Financial Stability Department. Her responsibilities include conducting research in the field of financial stability and macroprudential policy, with a focus on the analysis of climate risks and their determinants.

At the same time as working at the central bank, Velga also fulfills the duties of an associate professor at the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of the Riga Technical University, where she started working in 2003 as a research assistant at the Institute of International Economic Relations and Customs.


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