Latvijas Banka's conference "Sustainable Economy in Times of Change"

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On 20 September 2021, Latvijas Banka will hold a virtual economic conference "Sustainable Economy in Times of Change" live-streamed on www.macroeconomics.lv. 


13.30–13.35 (Latvian time or 12.30–12.35 for Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain)

Master of Ceremonies Mr Ivars Svilāns, Head of Communication Department, Latvijas Banka

13.35–13.50 (12.35–12.50)

Ms Isabel Schnabel, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank

13.50–15.20 (12.50–14.20)
(moderated discussion without any introductory presentation)
Monetary and fiscal policy – interplay or fight?

  • interaction between monetary and fiscal policies, the role of public investment and debt sustainability in an environment of low interest rates, negative interest rate and growth differentials;
  • potential risks of rising public debt levels in the post-Covid era, globally and in the euro area in particular; the consequences of the historically low interest environment for the interaction of monetary and fiscal policies (including the potential for fiscal dominance); the implications of the low interest rate environment for the possible changes in the EU fiscal architecture (including, among others, changes to S&G pact);
  • ECB strategy review.

Moderator: Mr John O'Donnell, journalist, Reuters
Ms Isabel Schnabel
, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank  
Mr Mārtiņš Kazāks, Governor, Latvijas Banka
Mr Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice President, European Commission
Mr Claudio Borio, Head of Monetary and Economic Department, BIS
Mr Jordi Gali, CREI Senior Researcher, UPF Professor and Barcelona GSE Research Professor

15.20–15.35 (14.20–14.35)

15.35–17.00 (14.35–16.00)
Moving towards sustainable development

  • interest and mandate of central banks to deal with sustainability issues in the light of the ECB strategy review, changes in economic thinking;
  • he European Green Deal of the European Commission, its priorities, scope, overall objective and instruments;
  • current sustainability issues and challenges for Latvia; circular economy vs linear economy; internal resources and possibilities; role of productivity;
  • significance of the financial sector in the process of moving towards the green transformation.

Moderator: Mr Edvards Kušners, Adviser to the Council of Latvijas Banka
Ms Zane Petre
, Head of European Commission Representation Office in Latvia
Ms Krista Baumane, Member of the Latvian Parliament
Mr Andris Vilks, Member of the Council of Latvijas Banka
Ms Kristīne Černaja-Mežmale, Member of the Council of the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission


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