Key Macroeconomic Indicators

Prices and Costs

Annual inflation (%; CPI)2015 V1.2CommentaryGraph
Annual core inflation (%; CPI)2015 V2.0Graph
12-month average inflation (%; CPI)2015 V0.6Graph
Monthly inflation (%; CPI)2015 V0.6Graph
Annual inflation (%; HICP)2015 IV0.6Graph
12-month average inflation (%; HICP)2015 IV0.6Graph

Real Sector

Nominal GDP (in millions of euros)2015 Q15 509.60CommentaryGraph
Real GDP (year-on-year; %)2015 Q12.0Graph
Working day-adjusted manufacturing output index (year-on-year; %)2015 V8.5CommentaryGraph
Retail trade turnover at constant prices (year-on-year; %)2015 IV4.0Graph

External Sector

Exports (in millions of euros)2015 IV903.6CommentaryGraph
Exports (year-on-year; %)2015 IV7.0Graph
Imports (in millions of euros)2015 IV1 062.0Graph
Imports (year-on-year; %)2015 IV-1.4Graph
Foreign trade surplus/deficit (in millions of euros)2015 IV-158.4Graph
Current account balance (in millions of euro)2015 Q1-23.5CommentaryGraph
Current account balance to GDP (%)2015 Q10.4Graph
Foreign direct investment in Latvia (in millions of euro)2015 Q1217.7Graph
Foreign direct investment in Latvia (net flows, % of GDP)2015 Q13.9Graph

Labour Market

Registered unemployment rate (%)2015 V8.6Graph
Number of registered unemployed (in thousands)2015 V80.6Graph
Job seekers rate (%)2015 Q110.2CommentaryGraph
Nominal gross wages and salaries (year-on-year; %)2015 Q16.1CommentaryGraph
Real net wages and salaries (year-on-year; %)2015 Q16.8Graph

Public Finances

Consolidated general government budget surplus/deficit (current month, in millions of euros)2015 V102.6Graph
Consolidated general government budget surplus/deficit (from the beginning of the year, in millions of euros)2015 V257.5Graph
Consolidated general government budget expenditure (from the beginning of the year; year-on-year; %)2015 V6.0Graph
General government debt (in millions of euros)2015 V8 284.2Graph
General government debt (% of GDP)2015 V33.4Graph
Tax revenue (from the beginning of the year; year-on-year; %)2015 V6.1Graph

Financial and Monetary Developments

Resident deposits (in millions of euros)2015 V9 456.70CommentaryGraph
Resident deposits (year-on-year; %)2015 V7.2Graph
Resident loans (in millions of euros)2015 V12 503.40Graph
Resident loans (year-on-year; %)2015 V-3.7Graph
Weighted average interest rate on euro loans to enterprises2015 V2.57Graph

Source: Treasury, Central Statistical Bureau of the Republic of Latvia, and Bank of Latvia data.