"Financial Stability Report" 2018

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The latest "Financial Stability Report 2018" has been published. The purpose of the "Financial Stability Report" is to raise public awareness of development of the Latvian financial system and draw attention to systemic risks representing potential threats to the stability of the Latvian financial system.

The "Financial Stability Report" analyses and evaluates the performance of the Latvian financial system and risks, in particular focussing on the credit institution operation on the basis of financial market data available up to the end of March 2018, economic data available up to the end of March 2018 or at the moment of compiling the current report and credit institution, non-bank financial sector and financial infrastructure data available up to the end of March 2018. Forecasts are also based on the most recent available data.

"Financial Stability Report" is issued annually in Latvian and in English.

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