Linda Vecgaile

Economist of the Macroeconomic Analysis Division, Monetary Policy Department

Linda Vecgaile holds a Master's Degree in Social Sciences (Management) from the University of Latvia. She has received recognition for her research on the role of central bank independence and price stability goal in maintaining financial stability. She started her career at the International Relations and Communication Department of the Latvijas Banka in 2010. She was responsible for a wide range of issues, including also cooperation with central banks of the European Union countries, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. In autumn 2013, Linda Vecgaile gained experience at the Directorate General Communications and Language Services of the European Central Bank. In 2013, Linda took up her duties at the Monetary Policy Department of the Latvijas Banka.

Vecgaile’s current duties include analysing the development and interaction with other sectors of the Latvian balance of payments and international investment balance as well as taking part in analysing Latvia’s economic growth, including contribution to the assessment of topical developments in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector. Prior to this, her research involved analysis of the euro area inflation indicators and assessment and explication of growth in some euro area economies. 


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