Gundars Dāvidsons

Adviser to the General Secretariat

Gundars Dāvidsons holds a Cand.oecon. degree from Aarhus University in Denmark. He has also broadened his expertise at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense (studies for a diploma in economics under the European Studies programme).

Gundars Dāvidsons started his career at Latvijas Banka in 2003 as an econometrist, later becoming a senior econometrist of the Monetary Policy Department. His work experience involves research covering a rather wide range of matters: competitiveness-related issues, analysis of the real estate market as well as working papers on potential improvements in forecasting. Prior to joining Latvijas Banka, Gundars Dāvidsons worked at the European Integration Bureau and briefly also at the State Chancellery.


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